Christmas Cookie Cloud Dough

December 19, 2017

With it being so cold in the mornings, I’m trying to find little activities for the kids to do.

So of course, I’m browsing Pinterest and see Cloud Dough — just flour and vegetable oil. And think YES! They will love this. They can make little “cakes” or mold the dough with cookie cutters, practicing whisking and pouring. Super fun right.

Well. Yes, it was super fun, but it didn’t go as Pinteresty as planned. I mean, that’s kind of how Pinterest works right, nothing ever goes how it’s supposed to. 

Within three minutes, we went from making cakes, to making a snow land for the kids stomp on, drive cars through, and just practice the simple act of dumping things on the floor. My whole dining room floor was covered in cloud dough. And yes, I totally freaked out and got upset. But, then the other little tiny voice in me said you can clean it up….just let them have fun. So. I did. I let them go Cloud Dough crazy for about 30 minutes. Until they started rolling in it and dashing off to the dark brown couch.

Maybe you’ll be better at the “proper” cloud dough play, but this was still fun [and manageable thanks to Stress Away]. Have you ever had an activity just go totally wrong?

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