Creating Clarity

January 20, 2018

Do you ever find your self feeling like you’re just one huge mess?

That’s how I’ve been feeling lately. Over extended. Under motivated. Wanting to do nothing, but accomplish everything. Trying to find that balance between motherhood and momtreprenuer. Spending time with family but getting out and being a friend to my friends. HOW do we do it? How do we fill up all the cups without draining our own?

I’m totally unsure.

But, what I’m noticing for myself is that I almost do better when I do things in batches. Know what I mean? Like, have a day that I do all the cleaning, so that it’s done. Then a fun day with family where the cell phone goes away. Designated chunks in the day to get some work tasks done. Monthly friend meet ups.

Instead of having things just scattered in all over the place and popping up at a moments notice. I need to have a little more structure. I think I’ll be able to better focus on specific tasks that way.

So, here’s some things that I’m implementing to create that clarity

1. Get out that planner – if I don’t write things down then I totally forget them. And I’m not a tech planner, I’m a pen and paper planner. I keep my planner out on the kitchen counter. This way I’m able to write down the things that come to me right in the moment.

2. Big calendar – I keep a huge white board up in the kitchen so that I can write down appointments, play dates, church meetings, school dates, all of it. If I can look each day at the big picture, then it’s easier for me to plan my batch work and not feel like I don’t know what’s coming.

3. Turn off the phone – I am going to start forcing myself to have two or three times a week to just shut the phone of. Half the times it’s my notifications or text messages coming in that start to make the craziness go hay wire. Plus, just having some time to be in the moment, connected with the people around you, it’s refreshing.

4. Vision board // goal lists – I wanna remind myself that I’m working towards something. Specific goals for my family. Things that I personally want to achieve or get better at. I keep my vision baor by my bed so that when I wake up it’s right there in my face. I can look at it, pray over it, and imagine the feeling of achieving those goals. It’s the best way to┬ádrive your life to you goals — seeing them everyday.

5. Sleep – I could totally stay up late to get certain tasks done, but I just can’t. I know that when i don’t get enough sleep, I’m no fun to be around. Plus, I can’t even focus on anything the next day. So for me, my tasks are done by 9 or they get moved to tomorrow [and I write them on tomorrow’s date in my planner].

What are some things that you do to help keep you from loosing your focusing and creating that sense of clarity.

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