Baby #3: 13 Weeks

March 22, 2018

Ahhhhh! It’s so hard to keep up with weekly updates now….but hoping that with the transition in to the second trimester, that things get a little more “normal”. HAA.

How I’m Feeling: At the beginning of week 13 I was feeling good. My nausea was started to disappear. My eating habits were coming back to normal. And I was thinking wooohooo we’re moving on to the next trimester, bye bye nausea. Because, honestly, I’ve never had this bad of nausea before with any of my other babies. But….the last two days it’s come back and it has been no fun. I think part of my issue is that I’m so hungry, that when I eat I just start eating a lot. And maybe too much, so then I am overly full, and that’s leading to the nausea. BLAH. But. Other than that I’m feeling good. I had my doctor’s appointment last week and she instantly found babies heartbeat. Which, was 156. And just hearing that baby’s heart just put my mind at so much ease.

How I’m Changing: Definitely starting to bump out. But I don’t know if it looks actually like I’m pregnant. I’m in that in between stage right now. When I lift up my shirt though, I feel like my bump is looking like a basketball. Like super round, and a lot of space where my rib cage is, which I’ve never had before. I usually just start to get big from my rib cage and outwards. The only other thing that I’m noticing is just how winded I’m getting already. It’s hard for me to even breathe when I’m talking. My pregnancy breaks outs are clearing up. But I’m dealing with an eczema break out right now and pretty sure my body is just going through a crazy hormone shift.

What I’m Eating/What I’m Not Eating: I’m still all about eggs. Eat them everyday for breakfast. Toast, yes please. Apples, yes please. Grapefruit, yes please. Ranch, yes please. And soy sauce on everything, or balsamic vinegar. Salads are definitely coming back, but not spinach. It has to be romaine. As for the not eating. Sweets, ughhhh no. Most fruit or smoothies, meh, can’t do it. I’m still back and forth on drinking fluids. early in the morning I can drink fluids no problem. Starting in the afternoon I can’t get any fluids down.

Total Weight Gained: 5lbs [started at 128, now 133]
Workouts: I’ve been getting in more cardio this week, with some warmer weather, park walks have been happening a lot now. But, still stick to my weights. And doing booty burners too, because booty is feeling huge.
Sleep: Actually getting some good sleep!
Most Exciting Moment: Hearing the baby’s heart beat.
Baby is the Size of a: lemon
Miss Anything? Just feeling like I can go for a run.

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