Kiddie Activities for Easter

March 28, 2018

It’s Easter week, and we’re going bunny crazy over here [and God crazy! Logan brought home his Resurrection Eggs from school and we’re loving them so much].

I thought I’d share some fun Easter activities for the week. Something other than just dipping eggs in dye!

1. Holly right now is loving to paint, and I’m not as nervous to let her have some fun with it. And Logan is such an artist right now. It’s so incredible to see him draw pictures and explain what they are. So, whether you’re giving the free reign of painting, or guiding “how” to paint, these Easter Bunny Stamp Paints are so cute!

2. All these dang plastic eggs everywhere, we’ve gotta have something fun to do with them! Just add them to some water! We love taking the plastic eggs in the bath, or filling up plastic storage containers and letting them pour and scoop water. Even adding them to a rice bin. The kids will play forever with these.

3. Use those plastic eggs as a fun snack tray. I keep our empty egg cartons, put the plastic eggs in, and add fun snacks to each egg. It’s like a snack mix up tray. And even better, sometimes the kids will eat something out of the norm because it’s in the egg!

4. Of course, Easter egg sugar cookie cutouts. Making the dough. Letting the kids use the cookie cutters. Then going wild with frosting and sprinkles. And the best part, is there’s a sugar cookie dough that you don’t have to wait hours for it to chill. Because, when you say we’re making cookies, kids don’t wanna wait. I loved watching each of them decorate their cookies. Holly just piled on the sprinkles, and Logan was busy trying to create patterns.

5. I’ve always wanted to make peeps play dough, and maybe this is the year! It just sounds so fun, and a great way to use up those peeps. I actually hate peeps. Even though I love marshmallows, there’s something about peeps that gross me out. I just wanna know what the texture is like. Is it sticky? Is it like play dough? I think I wanna make this more for myself than for the kids.

Tell me all about your Easter plans!

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