Cameron: 1 Week Old

October 8, 2018

One week old!

Cameron is just the sweetest little old man baby. He’s so relaxed and quiet and content. It’s actually been hard to really even see his personality because he just sleeps all the time. He reminds me so much of Holly. He usually only wakes up to nurse and then goes back to sleep for 3 more hours. There’s one block of time during the day where he’s awake but he just lays around and watches the big kids and seems like he’s just taking it all in.

He absolutely loves to be patted and have his head rubbed. Those two things will drift him off to sleep, eyes rolling and everything! He’s a tiny little guy, just over 6 pounds and has so much wrinkly skin that he’s gotta grow in to.

His umbilical cord just fell off today and he’s starting to smile in his sleep. He make the cutest little snort when he cries. Totally sounds like a little piggy. But even when he cries, it’s not for long and he doesn’t get crazy worked up. 

He loves to lay on mommy. He actually sleeps on me for most of the night, which i love because i want all of the cuddles. He’s also a poop machine. Every diaper we change always has poop in it! Thankfully the sound is way worse than what’s in the diaper.

The kids are loving him. Logan is super obsessed with Cameron. He’s always checking on him, talking to him, and wanting to rub his head. Holly is coming around. Certain days she’s in love with him and other days she just wants mama and not baby. So we’re definitely in an adjustment period.

Our first week together has flown by, but we’re so excited to get to do this all over again and with such a special little man!

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