Cameron: 2 weeks old

October 15, 2018

Two weeks old!!

Cameron is filling out his old man wrinkles and starting to look more like a little baby! This week he bumped up in weight from 6.4lbs to 7.10lbs — I could hardly believe it.

There’s not much new to say about him this week because he still sleeps almost the entire day. He is having a few moments in the day where he is super fussy and when he cries he just looks really uncomfortable. Which might be some signs of colic, so i started using Roman Chamomile on him and its making a big difference.

Another thing that gets this guy super fussy is having a dirty diaper. He poops allllll day long, and as soon as his diaper is dirty he’ll let us know (if we didn’t already hear it). And as soon as we start changing him he just smiles back at us and is happy again. He’s making lots of little noises now when he nurses and they just melt my heart. And when he smiles it is just the sweetest little grin. At night, he sleeps right on my chest every single night. I’m sure this is something that I would get some flack for, but I just can’t help it with him. I wanna snuggle him up as much as I can, and he loves it, he instantly just falls asleep on me and stays asleep most of the night.

Since his umbilical cord and circumcision healed up last week, we’ve been able to give him baths in his little baby tub and it is probably his favorite thing. He gets so calm and quiet and looks so released when we’re giving him a bath. This little man is just filling up our home with so much love. Can’t believe he’s already 2 weeks old and I’m praying that time eases up a little bit, because he’s rapidly growing out of the newborn stage and it’s killing me!

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