My Wedding

February 19, 2011

Lucas and I got engaged on June 26, 2010.

And on October 29, 2011we tied the knot!!

I couldn’t be happier and have never felt more blessed. I had waited my whole life to marry this man, and am so excited to finally be husband and wife.

This is a collection of posts about our journey to the aisle and finally being in wedded bliss! 


Our Story

Lucas and I are actually an eHarmony success story!! From the moment we met we both knew that we had just found the loves of our lives.

A little after a year of dating Lucas asked me to be his wife, which is a moment that I will never ever forget.

Wedding Party

 Bridal Invites

Dress Shopping

First step of dress shopping is figuring out what styles I like. I also had to decide who to take on the first round of shopping…can’t go wrong with  and inviting the Mom Team!

The “Not It” Dresses

Engagement Photos

Pictures by Dad
Wedding Invitations
Professional Pictures


Reception location
Some wedding décor buys



The Rehearsal

Rehearsal Dinner

The Ceremony

Wedding Morning
Wedding Day
Wedding Afternoon