Running Fuel

February 20, 2011

It’s important to fuel your body before any run or race!

Here’s my typical Fuel Routine. (Remember to ALWAYS try out your fuel routine before any race. You don’t want any surprises)

Before any run I always have peanut butter on a rice cake/toast with some banana slices and/or a date. I eat that along side a cup of coffee. The coffee helps to clear out my system and also gives me a little boost.

While on my runs I always run with gum in my mouth. The gum really helps to keep my mouth wet. When my mouth is dry I start to focus on how uncomfortable I am and it really affects my running. Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

On short runs (6 miles or less) I don’t really eat anything during the run. But anything over 6 miles qualifies as a long run and requires fuel.

My favorites are Clif Shot Bloks and GU

But there are TONS of different types and brands of take along fuel out there. I recommend trying different things to see what you like best. Again, you want to try them out during your practice runs. NEVER try something new on race day!

After a long run or race I always treat myself to a Starbucks! Cuz…hey…I earned it!

Then I’m usually craving a cold breakfast, so a yogurt parfait or huge smoothie in a bowl is what I make. (And yes…I have another cup of coffee…it’s a bad habit)

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