Fitness Friday

January 31, 2014

How was your week?

Did you set some weekly goals and accomplish them? I try to do that every Monday. I write out all my workouts in my planner and jot down a few goals [lift 5 pounds heavier or do one more rep or less chocolate nibbles…you know little things to strive for].

So first I want to start of this week with a new hashtag. Remember how I was asking you to use #committofit in your workout pictures on Instagram? Well, yeah, should have looked up that hashtag before I said anything because it already has like a gillion posts to it. ugh. I’ve been wracking my brain like crazy for the last week trying to think of a new one. Something original, but had meaning, and powerful. Are you ready for it?


Yup. That’s it. Each day we have a choice, well, lots of choices. And it’s up to use to decide what to do with all these choices. By choosing you, you are taking that step toward make you the best you can be, but on a day to day basis. Sometimes when we set big goals we fail at them because one day goes bad and we kind of throw it all out the window. So, if each day we try to make it the best we can, then it doesn’t seem so hard. Choose you. Whether it’s with your workout, or your meals, or daily tasks. Remembering that you are in this journey for you and reminding yourself of that each day will make you start to feel like there is a purpose in everything you do.

I hope you like it and I really hope you use it! I just love seeing everyone’s posts and really want to make a fun, supportive community with it. And don’t forget, each week I’ll pick three posts to feature on Friday as a shout out!


Protein Snack

Um. Yeah. This has turned in to my newest snack obsession. I cook one egg and two egg whites up and then I stuff them in a bell pepper that has been schmeared with a little avocado and hummus. I know it doesn’t sound so great, but it is!! Especially if you can get the yolk just a tensy bit runny. Try it and post it!!



Getting enough water is so important. And in reality most of us don’t drink as much water as we should. I used to always think that I drank a lot of water until I actually counted how much I was drinking and was shocked to see that it wasn’t enough. So now I make it my daily mission to try and drink enough water. I have a huge cup from Starbucks that I’ve dedicated as my water cup. My goal is to drink 6 full cups of these a day. Sometimes I get tired of just plain water though, so flavored tea is a great alternative. Or try slicing up fruit, cucumber, mint and add that to your water to give it a new fresh taste.


Workout Selfies

I know some people aren’t in to selfies, but hear me out. These are a great way to document progress. So many times I feel like my body hasn’t changed. I feel like all my hard work isn’t showing. Then I look back at some older gym pictures and whoa…I see changes. It’s super motivating and really makes me strive to keep going.


Active Rest

So most of us, when working out, will rest in between sets. But today I’m gonna challenge you to ACTIVE rest. Instead of sitting on the bench and resting after completing your workout rep, choose one of the following:
-1 minute jump rope
-1 minute high knees
-1 minute jumping jacks
Doing this will increase your efficiency during your workouts.  It will help you get past plateaus and really improve your strength and performance. I LOVE doing active rest, it’s hard, but at the end I feel even more empowered and really feel like I kicked my own butt.

Here’s an example of what to do, pretend like this is the muscle move you’re doing. Let’s say you do 3 sets of 20 squats, you’d want to do your set like this. Do your squats, then the active rest and immediately go back in to your squats

20 Squats
Active rest choice
20 Squats
Active rest choice
20 Squats
Active rest choice

Don’t give up!! Your brain is going to tell you that you’re tired and you need to rest, but you can do this! I promise.




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Do you guys like my new gym gear??? loved my new underarmour crossfit socks during my leg workout today!  #fitfam #fitfreek #fittwins #gymgear #crossfitsocks#underarmour #strongthenewsexy #squats #leanandmean #healthylifestyle #noexcuses #newyear #newyou #determined #transform #goals #motivated #followforlikes #wayoflife #committofit

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1 Emma January 31, 2014 at 3:01 am

Love, love love!!!!!


2 Alaina {Fabtastic Eats} January 31, 2014 at 7:22 am

I love these posts. So helpful and motivating! The hashtag is great 🙂
I don’t post my selfies, but I take them and just store them on my still helps!


3 Liz @ Tip Top Shape January 31, 2014 at 9:28 am

Drinking more water is definitely something I’ve been working on. My favorite way to get it in is just drinking tea all day long. I have a lot of different flavors, and I love to have a mug of something nice and warm during my classes since the rooms are always freezing!


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