Holly: 47 Weeks Old

February 13, 2017

We’re coming up on the tail end of these updates and I can’t even believe it!

Finishing a year of chalkboarding has me a little sad, but the last weeks of it also get super hard, because Holly just does not want to sit still. She just wants to take off as soon as I put her down. It just feels like though, that this year has flown by faster than I ever even imagined it would.

We’ve had some fun noticeable changes this week. First and foremost is Holly’s hair! She woke up the other day and I could see immediately upon turning on the light that she had literally grown almost a new head of hair over the night. It was so crazy! And it’s this golden brown/blonde color, but I can see strands of almost golden white hair [like Logan used to have]. It’s growing mostly from the crown of her head, so we keep having to do the Trump swoop with her, and I’m just wondering when the sides start to come in, so that we’re not having to keep swooping.

She’s also starting to get a lot more confident with standing. It’s not really a lot of effort for her to stand up now, and she’s crawling over to everything and immediately standing up. So, that makes me think that the walking stages are going to start coming because she’s starting to just spend more time standing up. Which, I am tooooootally not ready for — two kids walking has me so nervous!

We’re still in a super clingy stage, and of course, who knows if it’s teeth or a brain leap, or what. But it’s the sweetest, hardest thing. There’s things that need to get done, and she’s so heavy, that carrying her around anymore is killing my back, but the minute I put her down she starts crying. The other morning, she actually woke up early, and I nursed her, she fell asleep on my lap, and I decided to just soak up that moment and stayed rocking her and let her sleep on me for another 45 minutes.

Speaking of nursing, she’s doing things that Logan never did, while nursing. She will be in the middle of nursing and now [still sucking] will sit up and try to look around, she starts “talking” to me, she’s continuously biting me, she’s using her hands to kind of massage my breasts [which is so weird, it’s like she’s trying to get more milk out], she pokes her toes up on my face, or sticks her finger in my mouth or nose, she brushes her hand back and forth over my chest. All of these things are actually things now that I look forward too while I’m nursing her [except the biting…which I don’t know how to get her to stop].

This week I started actually doing more crafts with Holly. This is something I’ve felt bad about recently. With Logan I used to spend so much time doing crafts and activities with him and with Holly, I feel like we’re just in a constant hustle that I haven’t been able to do that much with her. So, I’m trying to be more conscious of that, and using the time that Logan’s off to school, to really do more little activities with her. So, this week we did a couple of Valentine’s painting activities which she had so much fun with, and now we’ve got so super cute decorations for the house.

Holly is also starting to work on puzzles and being able to put those pieces back together. We love using the big, chunky, Melissa and Doug puzzles. We’re working on picking up and putting away, whether that’s picking up balls and putting them in baskets, or picking up Little People and putting them in a box, or little fuzzy balls and putting them in a jar. She’s doing amazing at it, and we’re really building up those fine motor skills [but also implementing clean up time!].

We have a little kitchen that we got for Logan on his second Christmas. He never really played much with it, but now it’s really starting to get some use! Little Holly loves to stand over at the kitchen and play with the doors and the last little pieces of food we have left. We used to have a ton of plastic food, but Logan took half of them out to the dirt in the yard, and the other pieces got overwhelming, so now that Holly is loving the kitchen, I’m thinking I need to restock it. But, I’m saying heck no to the 101 food pieces set that I bought last time! It’s just the sweetest thing to look over and see her standing at the kitchen and grabbing bowls and food, sitting down and stirring in the bowl, then pretending to feed Logan.

We’re going in to full party planning mode now, and just trying to snuggle up and absorb these last couple weeks of “baby” but those toddler signs are starting to definitely show!

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