Sick Day Activities

May 1, 2017

Last week our home became a locked up cave.

My little bugs were hit with Hand Foot Mouth Disease. And holy cow, that is just no fun. Luckily my kids didn’t experience some of the painful symptoms that I’ve heard are related, like high fever and super itchy bumps. They definitely had the bumps/blisters, and they started popping up fast. Especially on Logan. Since this is highly contagious, we made sure to just stay home to not take a chance of spreading it. With not much medical relief available for this, I quickly turned to my oils…my solution for so many things. And I honestly think that my HFM blend really helped keeping the severity of the symptoms to a minimum and allowing my kids to still be happy and good tempered while dealing with the suck of this rash.

But, I tell ya, by the third day of sitting in the house with no school days and no way to really do activities with other kids, I was about to go insane. If it weren’t for some of our own indoor games and activities, I think I would’ve ended up just driving myself in to the looney bin.

So, if you guys are going through a couple sick days and need something to do other than pile up on the movies [because even after a few movies, that can start to drive you crazy].

Tape Race Car Track
Don’t Let the Bugs Fall Jenga 
Indoor Obstacle Course
Cookie Baking
Indoor Tea Party
Sticker Letters

Just having some fun activities to do, to break up the monotony of the same ole toys and movies can make getting through sick days just a little bit easier.

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