Colorado Mini-Vacation

June 5, 2017

This last weekend we packed up the mini-van, loaded up the kid movies, and took off on a Colorado adventure.

We booked an Airbnb home in Ridgeway, Colorado [if you haven’t used Airbnb, I highly recommend it! This is our third time using it and it’s been amazing]. Logan loved that they had a trampoline for him to jump on, and teaching him how to play crack-the-egg was so fun. Our little house had a loft area too, that Logan got to have all to himself. Staying here was so perfect, because we were able to have a kitchen, which now with kids is almost imperative.

Our first day there we stayed a lot in Ouray, CO, a cute little miners town. We played at their park, walked the shops, hunted out some waterfalls, and indulged in huge ice cream sundaes and burgers. And yes, we totally ate the ice cream before the burgers. At our “mountain home”, Logan named it, we took a long walk out in to the valley. The land out there is so beautiful. Green pastures, but rolling mountain hills. It’s the kind of area that makes you want to stick a for sale sing in your yard, move to the country, get some goats and chickens, and make your own fixer upper home.

The second day we woke up early to go to Telluride, CO for their balloon fiesta. Being from Albuquerque, we’re used to balloon fiesta on steroids [hundreds of balloons, thousands of people], but this was just the opposite. Literally like 12 balloons, and maybe 75 people. We could walk around so easy. Munching on our doughnuts and coffee. Holly was having a blast pointing at all the balloons and seeing all the colors. Logan was a little weary of them, which almost shocked Lucas and I. After the balloons, we walked around the town, grabbed more doughnuts and chai tea lattes [yes, we ate our weight in doughnuts for two days].

On our way back “home” we noticed a little park concert and stopped to see what it was all about. And in this moment, I seriously had a God is Good moment — you can read my first post about HERE. But we miraculously, and I use that word because I know it was Him that brought us there, stumbled upon this outdoor concert that ended up being a Cowboys for Christ gathering. It was so heartfilling. Lucas and I are really taking a turn in our faith and bringing that faith in our home, our hearts, and our marriage. So, to have this concert out of no where, was like our connection piece to knowing that He is working for us and in us.

We enjoyed our last night of our trip just playing out on the trampoline, hitting the tether ball around, and watching Monsters Inc while eating up marshmallows and chocolate bars [the kids didn’t want s’mores because they’re too messy…pu-lease]. This will be a trip that I don’t think we’ll ever forget.

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