Wellness Wednesday

August 9, 2017

Ever since having Holly, my hair has been a beast.

Literally. From a span of months where I was going through the postpartum hair loss, and shedding worse than a black dog on your white coat. To a new type of texture to my hair, thicker than ever with this new found wave to it, making me kind of feel like I have a lion’s mane on my head. To now a dry scalp that I can’t find any relief for.

Well, after trying out tons of different ways to help with the dry scalp, I have finally found something that works, and it is simpler than you can imagine.

All you need is
Baking Soda – about 1-2 tbsp
3 drops of Tea Tree Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar – 1/2 – 1 tsp
Mix these ingredients up in a bowl, only adding in enough Apple Cider Vinegar to turn the mixture in to a paste. On damp hair, apply the past all to the scalp, trying to massage it down in to the roots. Let it sit for a few minutes [I did this right when I got in the shower, took my shower, then washed it out]. Wash it out with shampoo and conditioner — I ¬†am obsessed with Young Living’s Lavender Mint Shampoo.

My hair was virtually flake free, non-itching, and no residue build up, with just the first use!

You guys are going to love this, and so is your hair!

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