Back to School must haves for a pre-schooler

September 8, 2017

Welp. I officially have a preschooler.

And he is just the cutest little guy. He’s actually asking me every morning now if he has school, and when I tell him no, he says “awe, that’s a bummer, because I just want to go to school everyday. Except Sunday, because Sunday I have a lot of things to do”. Oh my heart.

It’s nice to start getting back in to a little bit of a routine and just putting some good use to all that brain power.

Holly however was devastated, literally, that she couldn’t stay and play in the preschool room. She was exploring the pom-pom table when Logan and I were getting all his stuff in his cubby. When I went to get her, to leave, she FREAKED out. Threw the biggest tantrum ever — this girl is a pro at tantrum throwing. I was shocked, and am now dreading every single drop off and pick up now. It used to be Logan that would have the freakouts [then I started using oils on him], and now it’s my toddler. Ugh man. Mom life.

So, I thought I’d share a few of our back to school faves, in case you’re looking for a few new things!

  1. Yum Box Lunchbox – I have loved this lunch box so much. The different compartments make it easy to fill and keep things separated. And there’s no soggy sandwich or smashed grapes!
  2. Peace and Calming Oil – Total mom-miracle-worker here! This oil just oozes peace and calming….duh! But, this is the oil that totally changed our lives with Logan. He now can go right in to class, totally calm, and not feeling all those nervous little jitter bugs in his belly.
  3. Homemade freezer pancakes – Ok, I know, this one sounds silly. But you need a good breakfast to start your day. I love whipping up a batch of pancakes, and putting them all in the freezer. Logan loves to have his pancakes with fruit and some raisins. This is a breakfast that I don’t have to put much thought in to, amen!
  4. Chore Chart – Having a chore chart for Logan has not only helped him to be more responsible and understand our expectations of him now that he’s bigger. But, it’s been great to have as a tool for me to use to help get us out the door. Logan’s excitement right now about chores if at an all time high, so I’m taking total advantage of it!

These are just a few of the things we’re loving right now as we start to get immersed in what school is all about. Granted, it’s still pre-school, and not a lot of deep school work yet…but we’re on our way!!

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1 Richelle Fischer September 9, 2017 at 10:14 am

oh my gosh he is so grown up. I remember when I first started reading your blog and seeing your pregnant. Sorry for Ms. Holly. Maybe she will understand soon that it means she gets you all to herself.


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