Treasured Mom Moments

October 23, 2017

The best thing about being a mama is all the little moments that we get to experience with those little monsters that we’re raising.

My heart sometimes breaks because I know I won’t be able to remember every sweet little thing. As we grow and move from one phase to the next, it gets harder to remember. I have the TimeHop app on my phone, and I love being able to have a little 5 minute flash back. I swear, every time I look at this day through the last 10 years, I wanna cry. What’s getting me lately is the baby pictures of Logan, and the videos I have of him when her first started talking. His voice was so little and sweet. My brain doesn’t even remember that sweet little voice, all I can hear is his today voice.

I joke that technology today is actually making it harder to preserve our memories, but in a way I feel like it’s so true. When pictures used to be taken on film, you kind of cherished the pictures you took, because they weren’t unlimited, and they weren’t free. Now, I will take 20 pictures of the kids coming down the slide at the park, just to get the best one….but then they just sit in my phone.

I try to every 3-6 months go through, pic some and print some. But, it almost becomes an overwhelming task. A task that I don’t give enough time to. I jump from trying to just back up my pictures, to making picture books, to printing them off and keeping them organized. So, then I just do nothing. And I hate that.

I recently started a notebook for each kid, where I’ll spend a few minutes on Sunday recapping the week, sharing little things that stood out to me, writing down new tasks learned, new words, favorite songs, something silly we did….anything to try and give me a little glimpse back in to these days.

Right now I’m trying to treasure Holly’s cute little run-skip-tippytoe dance, the sweetly quiet way she says ‘hi’, the constant head on my chest snuggle that she gives, her obsession with just yogurt, and her new animal noises.

For Logan I’m soaking up his excitement to help with all the chores, the little squeak that comes at the tail end of his laugh, the way he talks about Holly being his “cute little girl, and how much he loves to learn.

What are the things you’re trying to keep in your memory bank [and how are you physically doing it]?

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