Fall Bucket List Tree

October 16, 2018

This has been a tradition of ours now ever since Logan was 1, and I can’t even believe now that I’m doing it with three kids all the sudden. Sometimes it’s crazy to me how quickly your life can just totally change. It seems like just yesterday I was so excited to be a mommy for the first time, and now I’ve got alllll these kids!

So obviously there’s lots of fun fall activities to go out and do, and we use this opportunity to make a learning tree out of our bucket list. Since it is fall, and the fall leaves are getting ready to drop, this is what we do. We cut out a bunch of leaves, write our activities on them, and then as we do them, our leaves fall down to the ground. This gives us a chance to see all of the fun we’ve been having, but also learn and talk about the seasons changing. The kids love it, and now it’s a form of decoration in our home that I look forward to each year.

Let me share with you our activities, then you have to tell me what fall activities your family loves to do, so maybe next year we can add some more to our tree!

Balloon Fiesta
Bake bread
Watch a Halloween movie
Go to the Pumpkin Patch
Boo the neighbors
Trunk or Treat
Bake a pie
Fall leaf walk
Thankful jar
Make pumpkin playdoh
Make cinnamon rolls
Decorate Halloween cookies
Make ghost brittle
Make turkey hats
Carve pumpkins
Make caramel apples
Trick or treat
Decorate with spider webs
Make apple cider
Jump in leaves

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