Cameron: 3 weeks old

October 24, 2018

The weeks are starting to go by so fast now. Cameron is still such a dream baby!

He is still sleeping most of his life away right now. He wakes up when he’s hungry and then is usually awake for a few hours during dinner time. But other than that we usually don’t get to see these blue eyes opened up very much. He’s still sleeping and cuddling with me at night and at 8:30/9, he gets super fussy and cranky because he just wants to go and sleep in my bed. Our nighttime routine is still pretty good too! He’s going to bed around 9, wakes up around 1/2, then again at 4:30/5. So i don’t actually feel like death or super sleep deprived.

The rolls and big belly are starting to make their appearance. Cameron totally has a double chin happening right now. He’s also starting to smile a lot and is following me with his eyes. He’s getting stronger in his neck too, he can hold his head up for a few seconds now before he drops it back down. And when he is awake he loves to just look around and take it all in. One of his favorite places to be is in the car, he sleeeeeeps on every car ride.

We took Cam to the balloon fiesta this week and he did so good. Just sleeping the whole time. We also visited the pumpkin patch. It’s so fun to get out all together and it go easily. Definitely helps me to not have as much anxiety.

Holly calls Cameron her boy and loves to nuzzle on his face with her nose. Logan cannot stop talking about how cute Cameron is and also cracks up every time Cam makes his poop noises.

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