Bakin’ Friends

June 28, 2012

Do you ever find yourself baking tons of goodies and have no one to share them with? Are your family and friends tired of eating cookies, cakes, brownies, and quick breads? (if so, then they are cray-cray!!)

Then I’ve got the perfect solution!

BIG Bakin' Friends

Bakin’ Friends is all about connecting bakers, bloggers, foodies, and people who just like sweets! We’re in the business of baking and making friends!

Each month we will be baking goodies, with a secret ingredient, to send out to one another. I’ll let you know at the beginning of the month what secret ingredient we’re using. It might be chocolate, it might be maple syrup, it may be bacon, whatever it is though you’ll be required to use it (unless there’s an allergy to the ingredient) in your baked goody.

On the 6th of each month you will be paired up with a Bakin’ Friend. You’ll contact your newly appointed Bakin’ Friend to see if they have any allergies or dietary restrictions and you’ll also get their mailing address. Then you’ll bake your goody and have it in the mail and on its way to your new Bakin’ Friend by the 16th of each month. You’ll of course want to include the recipe for your baked goody so that your new friend can recreate the yummies at home! How cute would it be if we all did our recipes on vintage recipe cards, just sayin’!

Then, on the last day of the month we’ll post about who our new Bakin’ Friend is, what they baked, and how they used the secret ingredient. (This group right now is only open to US and Canadian residents. US residents will be paired with US residents, and Canadian residents with Canadian residents)

Are you ready to make some new friends? Then send an email to stephsbitebybite(at)gmail(dot)com with Bakin’ Friends in the subject. Emails MUST be received before the 4th of each month so that I have time to get all the match ups done. Please make sure to include your full name, your email address, your blog name and URL (if applicable), and whether you live in the US or Canada.

Bakin’ Friends Terms & Conditions
By becoming a member of Bakin’ Friends you are hereby agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions:

Condition 1: You will contact the Bakin’ Friend you are matched with within 72 hours of receiving your match to discuss, allergies, dietary restrictions, and shipping information.

Condition 2: You will include the recipe for your baked goody in the package you send.  

Condition 3: Your baked goody will be in the mail by the 16th of each month.Please consider purchasing delivery confirmation/get a tracking number for your package. It is very inexpensive and can be used to prove that you sent your package in the event that it gets lost.
If your Bakin’ Friend does not receive a package for the month, you will receive a warning. If it happens two months in a row, you will no longer be able to participate in this program

Condition 4: In the event that you do not receive your goody, Stephanie and Steph’s Bite by Bite cannot be held accountable. By agreeing to participate in Bakin’ Friends, we cannot 100% guarantee that you will receive a baked good from your match. Sometimes there are issues with delivery, mail gets lost, or your matched friend may fail to ship their goody.

Condition 5: Using the Bakin’ Friends email list to send out personal or spam emails promoting your blog, giveaways, etc. is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Doing so is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program as it is a violation of the other participants’ privacy.

Failure to comply with these terms and conditions is grounds for dismissal from the Bakin’ Friends

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